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How Internet marketing is more powerful and effective than the traditional marketing

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Goal of Marketing is common to each Business House to add value, and the value is higher ROI whether its Internet Marketing or traditional marketing. Internet marketing has some significant advantages over traditional marketing. If traditional marketing works for your business, then keep on doing what you’re doing. But it’s still smart to add some Internet marketing strategies to your marketing plan so you can start reach out to a wider audience. Internet marketing is effective on its own, and businesses that may not have the money to break into traditional marketing media can more efficiently use Internet marketing to grow their brands. The key to Internet marketing is determining what strategies work best for you.


What is Considered Traditional Media Marketing?

Let’s define what is considered traditional media vs. emerging media. Traditional media methods include mostly non-digital advertising and marketing methods. Traditional media is:

  • Television advertisements
  • Radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Direct mail advertisements
  • Billboards and off-site signs
  • Cold calling
  • Door-to-door sales
  • Banner ads


What is Considered Digital Media Marketing?

Now let’s look at the other half of the equation. New media, also called digital media, consists of methods that are mostly online or involve the Internet in some sense. These methods include:


Competitive Edges of Internet Marketing over Traditional


Higher Conversion rate:

The conversion rate of digital marketing indicates that Internet marketing is more powerful and effective than the traditional marketing.


It works for your Business, when you sleep:

Your business is 24*7 visible to provide detailed information about the company its products & services, customer feedback, reviews and many more.


Cost Effective:

Internet marketing is 40+ % cheaper than other traditional marketing. Demographic Targeting is possible with top of Internet Marketing channels that enables a campaign manager to show ads only to a segmented target audience ans save cost.


Business Analytic:

Business Analytic gives business a competitive edge to Analyze their Marketing efforts and customer behavior towards the company, presentation, products, services so that the corrective decisions can be taken. Internet Marketing provides you real time response of buyer to your ads, not the traditional marketing.


Easy Accessibility:

The arrival of smartphones and the unprecedented accessibility it offers has reshaped the way audience consumes media. The way telecom has grown in few last years has made easy accessibility of Internet. 70% of the total search queries comes from Mobile devices.


Real Time Delivery:

Digital Marketing the strongest point is it shows ads to users exactly when they search for our services. As per the Google report more than 60% of users after search buy the product and complete the possible desired conversion.


Content Marketing:

Digital Marketing is an effective way to reach thousands of potential buyer by opting an effective content strategy and engage users through your content on different Social media platforms. An effective communication helps companies to build trust with their customers towards their company and Product/services, Collect feedback.


Should I Stop Using Traditional Media?

Not necessarily! No one can tell you which marketing methods are and aren’t worth your time and money. Since your business and audience are both unique, it’s impossible to say that something will or won’t work for you—and that applies to new media, too.


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