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How to Find and Setup DNS Hosting for Gadaddy Shared Hosting to Godaddy

Ok, so you have bought a Domain from Godaddy Account A and now want to Host the website on Godaddy Hosting Account B.


Step 1: Login to Godaddy Account B where you have your website files, look for parent Domain associated with the Hosting account.


Step 2: Click on DNS Manager, Copy the nameserver (Ex.: ns77.domaincontrol.com & ns78.domaincontrol.com).


Step 3: Login to Godaddy Hosting Account A from you bought the Domain, you may find your Domain in All Domain section by clicking on My Products.


Step 4: Click on DNS Manager go to the bottom find Nameserver and change from default to custom, enter the name server detail copied from Godaddy hosting Account B. It’s Done, this may take upto 15 minutes or 24 hours to get your website online.


Few more things to consider:

Update SOA Record at cutover point B.


Free DNS Test & Check РFree DNS Report DNSsy .

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