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Internet and technology has empowered the Business world and opened a new era of Business & Marketing less with Business Analytic. A better insight of real time traffic, traffic sources, content engagement and many more. Digital technologies are becoming increasingly important in most sectors of economic activity. Digital Marketing is about 40% cheaper than traditional media. Benefits of Digital marketing over Traditional Marketing.


Digital Technology Affects on Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry


  • Cater Mobile Audience and Reach to Wider Audience

In the year 2015 there were around 3.2 billion active Internet users in India. According to the IAMAI – IMRB report that there will be between 440 to 460 million Internet users in India by Sep. 2017. 5% to 10% hike from 432 Million users in 2016 last year.

Interesting facts is 70% of the current Internet users are from Rural India, where 92% of Internet users from Rural area and 77% Internet user from Urban considers Mobile as the primary Device  to access internet services.

  • 72% of the Internet users search for Health related queries.
  • 80% time health related searches begins from Search Engine
  • 50-60% of people Click on Sponsored Healthcare Links when looking for Pharmaceutical or Healthcare information.
  • Almost 1 in 20 queries entered into Google search are for Healthcare Information from the sources of Google revealed. (This is why Google came up with Google Health cards in 2016)


  • Information Credibility:

           People find Information received from Google more credible and take further actions. Google is working                      harder to better its search experience as they stated in their mission ” Authentic Information, Verified                          resources”.

  • More Content & Effective Communication

    Social Media Provides an opportunity to share useful information about Company, Products and Services in many forms like Info graphics, Videos and more. An Effective communication with your customer help to build Brand loyalty and convert potential buyers into sale with the time frame.

Digital marketing Services for Pharma and Healthcare Companies

Digital Marketing Service – Adflair



  •  Business Automation

        Technology has provided Business automate software’s in order to contain costs. It consists of                            integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the                    organization.


Opportunities of Digital marketing for Pharmaceutical & healthcare sector


  • Still, 850 Million Potential users are not over the Internet, but they will be soon.
  • Cost Effective than traditional marketing


Most Searched Healthcare Queries


How to start home Healthcare Business

Healthcare providers

Advanced women’s healthcare

Cardiac healthcare

How healthcare been impacted by advances in technology

How much does Healthcare Cost

What is FSA healthcare

How to become healthcare service providers

Healthcare Careers

Healthcare Business

Healthcare Stocks

PCD Pharma Company

PCD Pharma Distributors

Pharmaceuticals franchise Companies

Ethics in healthcare

Healthcare Products

Healthcare in India

Most Search healthcare Keywords for Applications


Medical App

Weight Loss App

Diabetes App

Hearts App


Most Search healthcare Keywords for Applications by Country


United State – 100

Australia – 67

India – 56

Canada – 50

United Kingdom – 35


How Digital Media can help Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Business to grow Online

Search Engine Marketing – Reach to potential buyers exactly when, they are looking for your services.

Social Media Marketing – Engage with customers, collect feedback, segment your customers into Groups on the basis of interest, occupation and more.

Display marketing – Run your ad on multiple and your related niche third party website and get relevant traffic that matter to your Business.


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